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Knitting at KNoon - Knitting Videos

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© Chris de Longpré, Knitting At KNoon Designs, 2004, All Rights Reserved

Our tutorial knitting videos are designed to provide assistance for newer knitters with some of the techniques used in our knitting patterns.

Notes About Video Production
Casting On Socks
Casting on with work in progress
Long-tail cast-on
Estimating length of tail
E-wrap cast-on
Cable cast-on
Provisional cast-on
Knitting with double-point needles, Part I
Knitting with double-point needles, Part II
Knitting with double-point needles, Part III
Turning a heel
Picking up gusset stitches
Kitchener stitch
Inserting a heel
Internal Construction Finishing
M1R/M1L (make one right / left)
Short-row shaping
Three-needle bind off
An improved ssk
Spacing and marking buttonholes
Knitted on (attached) I-cord
Buttonholes in knitted on I-cord
Inserting a pocket
Pattern Stitches Cords and Straps
Twisted cord